ya'a t'eeh! (hello!)

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Humpty, pronouced with a.. sorry, as you can see I am a bit silly and definitely cheesy. I'm 28 years old, rapidly approaching 29 and coming to grips with the fact that, no, I have not accomplished all that i aspired for, but, yes, I am happy. Today is my first official 'deactivated' day from another very popular social network (hint: movie title also) and I am aching for an outlet. Instead of mindless posts answering the proverbial question "what's on your mind?" hopefully this blog will provide the uncensored expression i am longing for. I can easily admit though, 'blogging' is a lot harder then I had anticipated however, I've always considered myself a writer. An excellent writer, probably not, but we've all heard the old saying Practice makes perfect. Hopefully this will be carthartic and entertaining.


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