My love affair with Chuck Taylor

I LOVE my Converse All Stars. Somewhat a new-comer, I have run this pair into the ground as with my previous all-black high top pair. I remember my first pair of All Stars, sometime in high school, a black and white high top. As with all the clothing of my childhood, I shared with my older sister, and like this white leather number, was also worn to the point of disintegration.

My lovely sister gifted these for my birthday.

Local fashion dictates what chucks are worn with and how.  Here in NM, basically you see it paired with a lot of jeans and pants. What I want to try to achieve is the All Star as the new saddle shoe! I really want to pair it with a great 1940s-type skirt and blouse! It is proving to be a challenge at this point, the right cut and fabric hasn't presented itself as of yet.

So back to the drawing board, hopefully, I'll come up with something soon! Ideas welcome.


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