that old restless feeling..

So, it’s been awhile since I started this, I guess I’ve been choosing my words carefully and deciding what to say, so here it is…
I am bored.
In every sense and definition of the word, bored.  On the upside, I have started sewing again, passionately. Well, truthfully, I am passionately enthusiastic about sewing and have a couple of projects I have started (yet to be completed). Professional seamstress, probably not, but I have been sewing since about the tender of age of 10. My interest reborn by the vintage lifestyle I discovered, Bettie Page, and the overall frustration with fashion trends and trying to “keep up with the Joneses”, so to speak.  There is also an explosion of Navajo fashion and designers currently taking place back home that have piqued my interest in sewing and fashion.

Just barely jumping on the bandwagon, u say?
Ahh, maybe just a little, I have always been interested in "art". Like Crawl in Son-in-Law would say,
I majored in Architecture for one semester!
I wish i was more creative, I love architecture and photography, I am a wanna-be arrrrrtist!
I was very surprised at the sheer number of sewing blogs and websites on the internet and how creative people are! Therefore, be on the lookout very soon for my sewing escapades and the general musings of this rez baby! Ha'gon'e!


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