rez hangover

Another trip around the world, from the city to the rez and back again. After an evening of laundry and a late-night dinner from Wendy's, I woke up this morning not wanting to leave the comfort of my bed. I must say, this weekend was very productive. The fabric collection that is my parent's attic and other spaces were thoroughly raided, and I've lugged another bag full of fabrics back to my apartment much to the dismay of the mister.  The fabrics were prewashed and are now draped gracefully around the residence, bringing to mind early 80's decor and window coverings (or Scarface drapes, as my sister would say)!

My sewing is seriously becoming an obsession. I have two Sencha blouses waiting for buttons and hems, an eye-crossing blue and white striped circle skirt waiting for a zipper and hem, and another Cynthia Rowley number also waiting, surprisingly, for buttons and hem. Do you get the sense that I'm not a fan of details?

I get so excited about a project, diving head first with much enthusiasm and anxiety. Once the excitement wears off, I'm like a dope fiend, searching for that next high and starting that next project. I really need to start taking more care in my construction and sewing, to be more patient and produce quality garments.

So in closing, the moral of this story, sometimes we need to take a cue from M.C. Hammer and just:
Stop, Hammertime.
Copyright R.A.


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