Thoughts on a red-mooned night..

i can already hear the snickering lol

being downwind from three raging fires allows one the time to sew and comtemplate.. indoors..

the local news channel advised staying inside due to the air quality,

a coworker of mine firmly scolded me for walking outside for lunch,

and as much as I sympathize with the individuals affected by the fires,

it brought me a little comfort.

Remember waiting for the schoolbus on a cold winter morning with the smell of wood burning in the air?

The sun just peeking over the top of the canyon, or hill, or mesa..

morning sun rays spilling over, illuminating and defining every crevice and tree..

the sting of cold air in your nostrils...

Mornings so cold, standing as still as possible, so not to feel your now frozen pant leg on your skin..

and the ritual that nevers gets old and spans across the ages..

the "cigarette" drag and exhale.

It seems odd to think of winter just as summer is beginning...


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