dressing up

At the beginning of 2011, I made one resolution and that was to take better care of myself, of course, that included the usual promises to exercise more, eat healthier, and not only look and feel better inside but outside also. A total change in style was in order!  

I aspire to wear a dress at least once a week if not every day. The proud older Navajo women, my grandmothers, are my main inspiration. That generation of Navajo women, whether sleet, snow or hail, can still be seen in the signature broomstick skirt everyday.

Grandma had complimentary colors down!

I've had the privilege of growing up with my paternal grandmother and can count on one hand how often I have seen her in pants.
It's amazing how much effort the ladies of previous generations put into their "look".  I woke every day as a child, to find my grandmother ready for the day with her hair neatly coiled on her head. I only realized my grandmother had waist length hair until my teens.

Nowadays, you can go anywhere and that care is almost nonexistent.

When I do dress up, it's disappointing to get comments like "oh you must have a hot date" or "ooo you must have a new man". Yes i know it's shocking. My t-shirt, jeans and I have parted ways, we reunite for an occasional  weekend menage a trois.


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