"busting at the seams" weekend and an enigma

This past weekend was delightfully chock full of activities and newly acquired "stuff".

Of everything that occurred this weekend, this is what stands out to me:

We actually made the effort to stop in Gallup and do all things one does in Gallup on a Saturday: flea market, downtown, mall. etc.

The first stop was at City Electric where I purchased my first adult pair of moccasins!
As I was paying for them, a thought ran through my mind, how sad that I have to purchase this from a store.. I don't personally know anybody that can make the old-style moccasins, i probably could make it myself but I shelled out the money for it though, i know...

Which pretty much set the tone for the entire day.

Gallup Fabric Store is another gem i like to visit.
this store not only offers fabric and notions but a rainbow variety of squaw dresses and tops. On every visit, I notice the Navajo customers dropping +$50 on simple cotton dresses and tops! not even velveteen! if they only knew how simple these are to make! I did manage to pick up a few things, vintage patterns are my weakness, and this place has loads at $1/ea. i bought only four patterns because i was rushed, and a zipper (at $1.59!).

Next stop, flea market.
The overcast morning had turned in a muggy afternoon. There were the usual Gallup flea market finds of jewelry, food, t-shirt stands and boot-leg DVDs. A clothing stand/food joint caught my eye; squaw dresses, tops and even a cloth rug dress, they all spoke Spanish there. At another stand, a Hispanic man sat behind a table with a Navajo cradleboard for sale. Feeling irritated, I walked away from the flea market with 3 Acoma pies and cookies, subconsciously, I think I was trying to make a statement to "Buy Native" lol.

Even the fleece blankets with pendleton-style designs that natives seem to devour are all sold by non-Indians.

Don't get me started on pendleton either.

This is the AIM activist in me speaking (as much as AIM activists annoy me), does non-natives selling native wares seem right? Why do we, as natives, buy into it? convenience? Accessibility?

That night i did manage to throw together a Cynthia Rowley skirt though.


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