weekend fun!

We stayed in the city this weekend.

saturday was a day filled with jammies, cartoons and sewing. i'd say pretty uneventful.

Sunday was wonderous!

we started with our sunday ritual of breakfast at Frontier restaurant. which still has retained most, if not original, design elements from when it was established waaaaaay back in 1971. Not to mention, the food is delicious! stop by there sometimes, you'll join the likes of my family and even Man vs Food!

next we headed on over to the flea market. usually i cringe at the thought of walking aisle after aisle in the sweltering hot, but this time, i made a plan.

I always read about people finding vintage patterns and fabrics on their flea market trips so, i set out to find my treasure.

Instead, i walked away with this..

a box of random 45s
oh those 33s!


i'm a nerd for turntables.
this behemoth weighs about 10 lbs and as soon as we got it home, we broke the needle XD TALK ABOUT EXCITED!

i also found some fabric and a couple of old sewing machines, one was a SIGNATURE brand for $20. didn't buy any of it though.

i love my culture and being navajo but sometimes it becomes a little cumbersome when you're a vintage-lover.

namely when you find something like this...

WOOL sailor jacket/shirt/sweater?!?!
I could've cried! ;)


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