how cool is she...

it's been awhile hasn't it?

i've known of etsy for awhile and finally took the time to peruse the site. I have since purchased four vintage patterns, this one, being number 5.

it's pretty thrilling, a virtual treasure hunt, and for once i get to own something vintage.

like i said in an earlier post, being navajo is a bit cumbersome at times. with all the taboo and traditions i try to abide by, being a vintage lover has limited me from buying actual vintage wear to settling on vintage patterns that i can sew myself.

old girl in the red jacket is looking fierce, i must say.

it seems summer just stopped by for a visit, the chill is definitely in the air. i've got big plans for wool jackets and very excited to hack up a couple of pendleton blankets! 

i anxiously await your arrival.


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